About Us

Greetings!  My name is Doris and I am excited to introduce the site, “Crystal Lilac.”

“Crystal Lilac” is named after my daughter, Crystal.  She was born in the spring and like most buds, began life fragile and slight.  In fact, she was given the name Crystal because she was very delicate—to the point of breaking—and very precious.

Crystal was born four months premature and weighed only one pound.  At the time, she was the smallest baby ever to survive in Minnesota.

Her father and I realized very early on that this faint breath of life God had given us, even though weak and struggling, was a fighter.  Through the years, from past to present, her battle continues.  She has found grace enough from God, and so she fights on!

“Crystal Lilac” is a mother-daughter team dedicated to the ministry of helping others who are in crisis, fatigued, or discouraged.  This is the place for those who need inspiration and a breath of hope.

We hope that, in spite of life’s uncertainties, you find your own unique fragrance and recognize the beauty which dwells inside.

We consider everyone who visits our site a friend:

“Friends love at all times and brothers are born for adversity”

Proverbs 17:17